Caller Cuer QuestionnaireClogging Cuer Questionnaire

Regine Anderson

Club cuer for the Penticton Squares, Penticton BC and Westsyde Squares, West Kelowna BC

Regine has been involved in some form of dance since she was in grade one. In her junior high school years, she learned square dancing and danced with the teen square dance club in Comox BC.

Regine came back to Square Dancing in 1978, where she met her “angel” Ron. They took round dance lessons in 1979 and started teaching in 1986. They taught new dancers through easy Phase 3 until Ron’s death in 1995. Later that year Regine started learning to cue so she could continue teaching two round dance clubs, the Peachland Connectors and the R&R Rounders.

Clogging Instructor for Okanagan Cloggin’ in Kelowna and West Kelowna,

Barbara instructs Clogging, levels  beginner, easy, intermediate.

Website: http://www.okanagancloggin.com/

Caitlyn Brendzy

Caitlyn has been involved in square dancing her whole life. She joined the Wesburn Wranglers Teen Square Dance Club at five years old, and has been dancing ever since!

Caitlyn has attended the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival where she has competed as a caller, cuer, square and round dancer. She currently dances at the C1 level and round dances Phase IV.

Caitlyn attends Capilano University where she is studying Early Childhood Education and plans on becoming a kindergarten teacher. She enjoys traveling with her family and loves square dancing of course!

Nicholas Brendzy

Nicholas Brendzy has completed his third year at Simon Fraser University, where he is studying history and archaeology, and is planning on becoming a teacher. He is actively involved in student government and works part time as a lifeguard.

Nicholas has been square dancing his whole life and called his first solo singing call at three years of age! He is a caller and a cuer, square dances at the C1 level, and round dances up to Phase IV.

Nicholas enjoys getting on stage and harmonizing with his father and sister and has called and cued at many conventions.

Ray & Christine Brendzy

Ray has been part of the square dance activity for over 50 years. Ray currently calls for five clubs in the Vancouver area, and mentors young callers in his youth club. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He calls up to the C3 level, and he and his wife Christine greatly enjoy square and round dancing.

Ray has recently joined LouMac Recordings and is proud of his newest release, “Lonely Drum”. Ray is recently retired after working for the Vancouver School Board for thirty-six years.

Under the tutelage of Susan Woods, Lynda started clogging in the early 1990’s in Victoria, BC.  About three months after Lynda learned her first steps, a group of people from the  Cobble Hill area (north of Victoria) asked Susan to teach them all to clog.  Lynda accompanied Susan to these classes to be of assistance in case something happened during the drive there and back.

Shortly after those classes were started, Susan and her husband decided to move. This would leave these keen people without an instructor. Although she had only been dancing six months, Lynda took over for Susan, and now, 20+ years later, that group is still clogging on.

In 2011, Lynda wrote her Instructor’s exam and did the practical portion of the test  in Grapevine, Texas. She passed with flying colours. Since then, she taught in Langley BC for two years and is now back in Kelowna

Garry started calling before he started dancing – while living in Cold Lake, AB. In the fall of 1965, he learned to dance with the Polar Teens, and called his first ‘official’ tip in December of 1965.

In 1968, he moved to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria and continued to dance with the Swinging Singles as well as working on calling.

Pat started square dancing in January of 1974 in Nelson, BC, with a high school club known as the L.V. Teens. In September of 1974, she moved to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria and joined the Tanglefoot Twisters, an on-campus club whose caller was … Garry Dodds!

In 2000, Garry and Pat become partners on the dance floor and on the stage. In the fall of 2000, Pat started cuing for Garry at the Star Twirlers. Currently, they still call and cue for the Star Twirlers and the Frontier Twirlers .

In 2013, Garry and Pat were one of the co-Chair Couples for BC Festival 2013 – a mini-Festival featuring Plus and Advanced that was held in Parksville, BC.

They represent Region 1 as delegates to the British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation, and Pat has been Treasurer for the Federation since 2012. Garry and Pat are the BC representatives to the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society.

Steve and his wife Lynnette live is Surrey, BC.

Steve has been calling for over 35 years and has a successful home program calling for 3 clubs in the Lower Mainland. He just celebrated 35 years of calling for his original club. Square Dancing has brought many opportunities to Steve and he has had the opportunity to call extensively throughout North America, Sweden and Japan. Steve is on the staff of Elite Records, based in Houston, Texas and Riverboat Records out of California. Steve has been employed by Coast Mountain Bus Company for 35 years. When not calling, Steve enjoys playing golf and hockey.

Murray has been calling for 54 years based in Edmonton. He has called throughout Alberta, with trips to BC. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario & Nova Scotia, Yukon & NWT. He is a member of Edmonton’s EDCIA,, Alberta’s ASRDIA and Callerlab.

Murray was the Square Dance Program Chairman for the 1st and 10th Canadian National Square Dance Conventions in Edmonton in 1978 and 1996. He has also called for the Klondike Mounted Square Dance Exhibition group in Edmonton and does many “one night events” for horse/rider groups & people. Current programs, Class, Mainstream, and Plus.

Oren started singing with his parents as they traveled in their Model A. He was a wedding singer at age 6 and was a soloist and a choir member in church. Oren started square dancing in 1994 and his wife, Lew, started dancing in 1996.

Oren went to Cascade Callers College and has been Calling and teaching ever since. He calls for party nights and is a member of Mt Baker Teachers, Callers & Cuers. He has called on the evening program and has been an MC at Penticton.

Oren has been a Caller and an MC at WA State Festivals and have Called dances for Clubs in Mt Baker Council.

Elizabeth began calling in 2009 to fill a void in her life after her husband passed.

Elizabeth spent the 2010-2011 dance season being tutored by her father (Mike Groenendyk) in the art of calling squares while at the same time being tutored by her mother (Lena Groenendyk) to learn the fine art of cueing rounds. She officially became the caller-cuer of the Circle Eights Club in Qualicum Beach on May 13, 2011.

Elizabeth took a year off between 2013-2014 for dental surgery and started next year doing guest calling, eventually becoming Caller-Cuer for the Promenaders in 2015, and remaining there to this day.

Larry Jeske

Larry calls for the Parkland Bells & Beaux in Blackfalds AB, as well as the Golden Circle in Red Deer, AB. He is in his second year of teaching at the Red Deer Square Dance Club, where he teaches two classes per year.

Larry is the president of the Central Alberta Callers Association.

Don Krebs

Don started square dancing, as a teenager, in Edmonton (Namao) in 1960. Within a year, he began calling under the guidance of callers Alec Bowles, Ray Bowden, and Bill Coulter.

Don started dating his future wife, Marlene, in 1962. By the time they were married in 1966 Don was calling five nights a week.

Don has called throughout Alberta and British Columbia. He has been an active member of various caller and cuer associations throughout the years. Square and round dancing have been an integral part of the Krebs’ lives over the past 58 years.

Wendy Krueger

Wendy lives in Abbotsford, where she started square and round dancing in 2002. She started calling in 2011 and calls for Guys’n’Gals of Aldergrove and Chilliwack Rhythm Reelers. She also teaches square dancing in community centres and public schools and teaches basic round dance lessons. She calls Basic, Mainstream, Plus, and some Advanced.

Wendy is now retired from her public school teaching career and wants to travel to call dances everywhere.

Darby Love has danced for 4 years and called for 2 years. She calls mainstream and plus. Darby can be found calling for the Nanaimo Wheel Arounds Square Dancers.

Her dancing and calling are seriously curtailed by her work as a public librarian, but she likes her job anyway and tries not to complain too much.

Patricia has been involved in square and round dancing since the early 90’s, and has cued rounds since that time in both Canada and the United States at various regional and national conventions and week-end events. Of late, she cues in Calgary and Edmonton as a regularly scheduled guest cuer.

She has co-taught dances from the Showcase of Rounds at Conventions on several occasions. She had a round dance club for several years, which was mostly dancing.

Patricia lives in Calgary.

Brent and his wife Therese live in Vancouver, BC, where Brent calls and cues three to four times per week for four clubs, one of them for over 29 years. He also calls and cues for dance weekends and special events throughout the Pacific Northwest and entertains community groups with an introduction to modern square dancing.

Brent was the Square Dance Program Chairperson for BC Festival 2017. In 2012, Brent and Therese were awarded the Caller Couple Scroll of Honour in recognition of their dedicated service to the Vancouver square dance community. By day Brent is the Business Development Manager for a global mineral testing company.

Lynette McLeod

Lynette is a cuer for the Sand Dollars in Parksville, and the Amalgam-Eighters in Nanaimo.

Lynette participated in BC Festival ‘99 and looks forward to returning to Salmon Arm in 2019.

Merv Meyer

Merv started dancing in 1982 at Abbotsford BC Swinging Hubs. He did some calling at goofer’s nights from 1986 to 1989 and again in 1997 & 1998. He started his own club “Chase Square Dancers” in January 1999. By the year 2000 Merv was calling 4 times per week and doing some cueing of round dances.

Merv teaches Round dancing phase 2 to 3+, as well as Square dance Mainstream & Plus. Now, at the age of 76 Merv is still calling & cueing 3 times per week as well as at some party nights, Festivals, and Conventions. Merv has been the club caller for 4 different clubs and he currently calls for the Thompson Valley stars in Kamloops BC.

In 2014, Merv & Sandy received the BC Square & Round Dance Federation’s Sillery Award which recognizes outstanding service to square, round, contra, clogging or line dancing extending well beyond club level endeavours.

Sandy Meyer

Sandy Meyer has been square & round dancing for 19 years, and cueing for 11 years. She has cued at various Festivals and at ‘party nights’ throughout BC for the past 10 years. She was one of the 2 featured cuers for the ‘Chase The Fun’ Jamboree in Chase, BC for 4 years. Most recently she cued at the 2018 National Convention in London, ON. Sandy does some ‘yodel’ singing calls, and plays percussion in the ‘World Famous Kamloops Rube Band’.

Sandy & husband Merv teach 6 different rhythms of round dancing, and passionately promote square & round dancing. They both choreograph many of their own round dances. They presently call, cue, & teach Round & Square Dancing in Kamloops for the ‘Thompson Valley Stars’.

In 2014, Sandy & Merv received the BC Square & Round Dance Federation’s Sillery Award which recognizes outstanding service to square, round, contra, clogging or line dancing extending well beyond club level endeavours.

Allan Peterson

Allan Peterson is Caller & Cuer Coordinator for BC Festival 2019!

Allan has been dancing for 34 years and has been a caller and cuer for 22 years. He currently calls and cues approximately 75 dances a year. Allan has appeared at festivals and conventions in both Canada and the USA and was the caller coordinator for BC Festival 2009 in Vernon.

Calling, cuing or teaching three nights a week, Allan calls for four clubs. The Enderby River Dancers are more than happy that he has been their club caller for 22 years. He teaches and cues for the Star Country Squares in Vernon. Allan alternates weeks between the Salmon Arm Squares and the Ta’Lana Twirlers in Blind Bay as their caller and teacher.

Laura Peterson

Cuer for Enderby River Dancers and the Ta’Lana Twirlers in Blind Bay.

Laura has been dancing for 22 years and cueing for 21 years.

Laura also cues special events and on occasion, will team up with Allan for a party night. In 2019 they are the featured cuers for Chase the Fun on the Father’s Day Weekend.

Nelson ReemeCaller for Nelson’s Tuesday Plus and the Star Country Squares in Vernon, BC

In 1986, Nelson started teaching himself to call by practicing in his basement. He started calling and teaching for the Sun Country Squares in 1989 and has been caller for Vernon’s Star Country Squares and Kelowna’s Wagon Wheelers. In 2000, Nelson & Kadie formed their own caller run club, Nelson’s Tuesday Plus, which is still active today.

Nelson called on the BC Square Dance Jamboree Program from 1995 to 2003, at which time this jamboree became known as the Penticton Peachfest Square Dance Festival. Nelson has been on the program every year and has had the honor of being an MC five times.

Nelson has been on the dance program at events such as the Southern Hemisphere Square Dance Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand and BC Festivals as well as numerous conventions, jamborees and specials events in BC and Alberta.

The caller’s partner is an important part of a caller’s career. Their tasks are many and can sometimes be challenging or frustrating. Kadie has been there with Nelson through the good nights and, once in a while, the not so good night. Nelson appreciates all that she does to help make his career a success.

Heather Reynolds

Heather has been Calling and Cueing since 1997.

She is the Full Time Caller/Cuer for the Abbotsford Grand Squares and enjoys performing all over Region 2.

In 2016, the FVSRDA and VDCTA awarded her the Scroll of Honour in recognition of her going above and beyond as an ambassador for square dancing within the Region.

As a member of Callerlab, she loves sharing her passion for Square and Round Dancing as a traveling Caller/Cuer throughout the Province of BC.

Heather and her Husband, Luke live in New Westminster.

Connie started dancing in Anchorage Alaska in 1981, took round dancing and plus in 1982, followed by A1 in 1983. In 1985, she moved back to her hometown, Victoria, BC. Connie started clogging in 1986.

In 1990, Connie taught her first class. A second class followed the next year and in January 1992 she, along with the guidance of Pat Zeeman, started the Rainbow Rounders, a Phase II + club. The Rainbow Rounders have held classes most years since. In the last 8 years, they have added some other Phase III rhythm to programs.

Connie is currently Round Dance Coordinator for the BC Square & Round Dance Federation and has, along with her late husband, represented the Victoria & District Callers Teachers Association, as delegates to the Federation since 2003.

Connie has enjoyed choreographing dances. Three of these have been chosen by the BC Federation as Rounds of the Month. She is always pleased to see other areas enjoying her choreography as well.

Debra and Raymond Schmidt live in Parksville, BC.

They call and cue for the Sand Dollars, the Circle & Squares Plus club, and the Amalgam-Eighters.

Bob & Dorothy Simpson live in Nanaimo, BC.

They call and cue for Nanaimo’s Wheel Arounds Square Dancers.

David & Marlene Symington

David is the club caller for the Olds Calico Capers, Rockyview Ramblers in Airdrie and Rainbow Country Dancers in Nanton. He also does guest calls at Rocky Mountain House and in Red Deer.

David started dancing when he was seven, after watching his brother dance for two years with the Heel n’ Toe club in Edmonton. He continued dancing with the Heel N’ Toe club until his mid-teens. While living in Edmonton, David also danced with the Nuggateens, Country Kissin Kickers, NAIT Squares and Bandolaro’s in Red Deer.

After living in Calgary for a few years, David decided to get back into square dancing so he joined the Swinging Singles club in 1999. Sam Stead found out that David used to call when he was a teen so he would let him do a tip.

It was at the Swinging Singles club where he met the love of his life, Marlene Demers; they were married the following year on July 1, 2000. Shortly after they were married, they joined the Calgary Callers Association and served as treasurers and the reps for the Square and Round Dance Instructors of Alberta Association (SRDIAA). David was the Assistant Programmer for the Alberta Square & Round Dance Provincial Conventions in High River in 2012 & 2016 and Lacombe in 2013.

In 2015 David & Marlene were awarded the Alberta Rose Award for their contributions to square dancing in Alberta.

Peter & Stella Tennant

Cuers for the Rhythm Rounds, Vernon, BC

Peter and Stella took their first Round Dance Lesson in Oct. 1993. In Feb. 1996, Peter cued his first dance at a Goofer’s Night and started cueing and teaching in September, 1996. Stella was the cuer for Kelowna’s Wagon Wheelers for 10 years.

Peter and Stella have appeared at Canadian and Alberta Conventions. They have cued and given workshops at previous BC Festivals and were the Round Dance Co-ordinators for BC Festival 2009 in Vernon, BC.

Peter and Stella have taught and cued Phase III & IV workshops in West Kelowna. In 2018, they were the Presenters for a 3 day cuer’s workshop.


Peter recently retired as the club caller for the Ta’lana Twirlers in Blind Bay, BC.

For over 25 years, Peter Weel has gladly given his time, energy and talent to calling and teaching throughout the province’s lower mainland, in Vernon, Kelowna, and the Thompson-Shuswap.

Peter is BC Festival’s host to the callers, cuers and leaders who come prepared to engage in BC Festival 2019.

Jean is the BC Square & Round Dance Federation President and Co-Chairperson for BC Festival 2019. Bill is the President of the Thompson-Shuswap (Region 9) Square & Round Dance Association.

Jean and Bill started square dancing in 2012 as a means to get out of the house and meet new people. Little did they know, what was to come. They have been active at many different levels of the dance community. Jean always says that they wear so many hats that there are times when they’re not sure which fits who on what day. 

Jean attempted to start learning to call in 2015 when she saw a need for new callers. Unfortunately, she suffered from extreme “stage fright” and was a little slow to come forward. In 2016, she started gaining more confidence and is willing to take the leap… on occasion! She has appeared on the program at BC Festival 2017, at Peachfest and the Alberta Convention in 2018.

Jean and Bill look forward to seeing and welcoming you all to BC FESTIVAL 2019!