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Sammy, the Traveling Sockeye Salmon

He is the unofficial GOODWILL Ambassador for the  BC Square & Round Dance Festival 2019

SammyIn case you are not familiar with Sammy, he is a wooden Salmon on a wooden base – carved by local artist Brian Hurstfield from Sorrento. Since January 1997, Sammy has already attended the 38th Australian National Square Dance Convention, in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, Cottonwoods Campsite – Lee Creek, Duncan, Victoria, and Penticton. While in Penticton “Sammy” was presented to a nurse who works at an American military base in Saudi Arabia. (as she traveled the farthest to this dance). From there he has traveled to Minnesota and Hawaii (where an Enderby couple saw him at a dance.) From there he was off to Texas.

Now in 2017 Sammy has decided to come out of retirement and be the unofficial GOODWILL Ambassador for the BC Square & Round Dance Festival 2019

The way Sammy will get to travel the world again is by visiting a club dance in a location, and the dancers attending that dance that traveled the furthest distance take him back to their club and send him on his way in the same way.

We ask that whoever is in possession of Sammy on May 1, 2019, return him to us so he can be present at BC Festival 2019. (We sent with him- a map of BC showing where the Salmon Arm is, and several brochures of the area as well as addresses for  Shuswap Tourism, and local Chambers of Commerce.

A Facebook page called Sammy the Traveling Sockeye Salmon has been started.  We ask you as Sammys host to post a picture of your club with Sammy and other information about the dance and other remarks. Using this social media we all can track Sammys adventures and hopefully it will encourage others to partake in such activities..

I got the idea from the Prairie Squares in Grande Prairie, Alberta (where I started dancing as a teenager in 1959.) They had a traveling (Trumpeter) Swan that traveled all over Canada, the States and Australia for four years, returned and then spent another four years on the road again. I figured that this was something we should do so I ran it by the executive of our club, but they felt they had no money for something like this at that time so I had Brian carve it and make the wooden carrying case. Sammy is a likeness of a male Sockeye after swimming upstream to spawn so you can imagine he isn’t real handsome.  BUT Brian did a fantastic carving job. It looks like the real thing. When we get him home I will loan him for special occasions, but have a place in our new “dancing” room for him to live.) … He came home by courier from Texas in time for Festiva1″99”  And now in 2017 he is anxiously awaiting his new adventure `Travelling the World` promoting Square Dancing and Festival2019 in Salmon Arm, BC

We ask that whoever is in possession of Sammy on May 1, 2019, return him via courier to

Rod Gerow
PO Box 3038,
4552 20th Ave NE
Salmon Arm, BC
Canada V1E4R8