Technical Notes:
  • Late returns may not be programmed.

  • We require that all callers follow the most current callerlab program lists

  • No microphones will be supplied. Please bring your own, with a cord with a 1/4 inch male plug.

  • Turntables will be available in all venues.



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Please answer the following questions to help us understand your experience as a caller or cuer and your preferences for the festival. This information will us program great dancing at BC Festival 2019!

If you wish to complete the form and mail it in, please return this completed form before April 15, 2019 to:

ALLAN PETERSON 5540 35 St. NE Salmon Arm, BC V1E 2B3 Email: Phone: (250) 515-1347


Contact Information



Please check all applicable
Note: A workshop will consist of teaching extended applications of moves from the dancer's current program. (e.g. a Mainstream workshop will be for Mainstream dancers and will include only Mainstream moves)
Please check all applicable
Note: An introduction to the next program will consist of teaching moves from the next higher program. (e.g. an introduction to Plus will be for Mainstream dancers and only Plus moves will be taught.)
Note: For example
    - other callers or cuers that you would like to be programmed with for duet or group performances
    -  involvement in other parts of the Festival that might limit your availability for calling


Club Name, City or Town, Number of years calling at this club
Or email your bio to
If YES, please email your photo (4" X 4") to
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