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2019 marks 20 years since the last festival was held in Salmon Arm, BC.

We have heard many stories from dancers who attended Festival ’99, telling us about lasting friendships and relationships.  We invite them to post these stories and/or optional contact information. Visit our BC Festival 2019 Discussion Forums.

In July of this year, BC Festival 2019 celebrates 20 years of friendship with an awesome festival to be held at the Shaw Centre in Salmon Arm. We invite you back to see old acquaintances and make new memories to share down the road.

He is the unofficial GOODWILL Ambassador for the BC Square & Round Dance Festival 2019, but he seems to have swum away to parts unknown. He was last seen in Saskatchewan and was heading north to the Yukon. If you’ve seen him, please let us know his current whereabouts.

SammyIn case you are not familiar with Sammy, he is a wooden Salmon on a wooden base – carved by local artist Brian Hurstfield from Sorrento. Since January 1997, Sammy has already attended the 38th Australian National Square Dance Convention, in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, Cottonwoods Campsite – Lee Creek, Duncan, Victoria, and Penticton. While in Penticton “Sammy” was presented to a nurse who works at an American military base in Saudi Arabia. (as she traveled the farthest to this dance). From there he has traveled to Minnesota and Hawaii (where an Enderby couple saw him at a dance.) From there he was off to Texas.

Now in 2017 Sammy has decided to come out of retirement and be the unofficial GOODWILL Ambassador for the BC Square & Round Dance Festival 2019

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